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About the Association

A brief history of the Code of Practice

The ‘Time to Lime’ campaign, introduced by the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia, greatly increased awareness of the damaging effects of soil acidity on productivity, and the benefits of applying lime. The agricultural lime industry in WA saw the need to develop a Code of Practice to begin a self-regulation program to promote responsible conduct in their industry.


The Australian Fertiliser Services Association, in conjunction with DAFWA, assisted the lime industry to develop the Agricultural Lime Industry Code of Practice. This Code addresses such issues as product quality, consistency and supply, dispute resolution, safety, mining, environmental and local government issues.


The lime industry worked closely with AFSA, DAFWA, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Industry & Resources, Dept of Environmental Protection, Local Government, Dept of Transport and the Environmental Protection Authority, to produce the Code. In view of the importance of this initiative to natural resource management, funding support was granted by the Natural Heritage Trust as part of the National Landcare Program.  The Agricultural Lime Industry Code of Practice was adopted in 1999 by accredited lime producers operating under the AFSA.


The formation of Lime WA Inc

In 2004, lime producers in Western Australia formed an independent association, Lime WA Inc., to further advance industry issues and more actively promote the implementation of the Code of Practice adopted in 1999.


At present, twenty-five Lime WA Inc. accredited suppliers (representing some 75% by volume of agricultural lime supplied in WA) are currently operating under the Association’s Agricultural Lime Industry Code of Practice.


Some of our more important goals

* To have the majority of soil ameliorant producers operating under guidelines set out in a Code of Practice specifically developed for the industry.

* To extensively promote the value of the industry Code of Practice to end users of liming products, as well as industry associates.

* To encourage the Association’s participation in regulatory input by forming a group strongly committed to self-regulation.

* To form alliances to develop an umbrella body for all groups within the soil ameliorant industry.

* To have a strong united voice to communicate the needs of various producers to Government, other Agencies, and Industry Bodies.

* To keep producers, and industry associates, informed of developments and changes within the industry to ensure the group is pro-active in their approach to common issues.

* To set up an information and education network for access by lime users, advisors and suppliers.

Crushing and screening plant typical of a lime mine.Soil pit showing profile of the soil.

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