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All enquiries and correspondence should be directed to the Associationís administration office.††† (See contact details below.)

Any enquiries regarding liming products supplied by members of the Association can be made through the administration office, or directly to each supplier.† The contact details for each member can be found on the Members Details page.

The administration office receives test results for all producers directly from the approved laboratories.† These results are displayed on the website as Product Information Sheets and can be found on the Members Details page.† Copies of Product Information Sheets can also be obtained directly from each member.

Administration Office

Loading a road train at a dolomite pit.

Lime WA Inc.

PO Box 801

Busselton 6280

Western Australia

To contact us† :

Tel: 08 9752 3800

Fax: 08 9752 3600

Mob: 0419 575 737

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Accredited Suppliers of Limestone, Limesand and Dolomite

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