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Lime WA Incorporated

The Lime WA Inc Code of Practice provides operators with guidelines for :

1. Mine Operations

  Occupational Health & Safety

  Mining regulations

  Operation of loaders

  Requirements for use of load cells & accreditation

2. Testing

 Sampling procedures to be followed

 Testing parameters and frequency

3. Reporting

 Requirements for reporting to customers

 Distribution processes and channels for test results

4. Complaints

 Processes to be followed

 Options for redress and resolution

5. Audits

 Procedures for selection and sampling

 Storage and testing of samples

 Reporting of Audit results

 Procedures for redress and response

Excavator loading a dumptruck with product in a dolomite  pit.

Code of Practice

 The Code of Practice aims to provide end users with clear, consistent and accurate information about the qualities of the products they are purchasing.

 It aims to provide producers of these products with a set of guidelines for mining operations, product testing and reporting.

 Liming products encompass all products that are used to alter the pH of the soil and include limesand, limestone, dolomites, kiln dusts and all blends of these.

Crushed Limestone stacked into stockpiles after processing.Spreading dolomite with tractor and spreader for trial work.

Accredited Suppliers of Limestone, Limesand and Dolomite

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