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Sample Product Information Sheet

When you request a product analysis from a Lime WA Inc. accredited supplier, it will be provided in the format below.  The Product Information Sheet contains information about the test date, the approved laboratory at which the test was done, and the range of results for the product over the period the pit been testing.  It shows the particle sizes of the product, the neutralising value of each fraction, and the overall neutralising value of the bulk product.  It also shows the levels of Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium (quoted in pure, not carbonate form).


Product Information Sheets are available directly from each member, and can also be accessed on the Members Details page. If you have any difficulty in obtaining information, please contact us.  Some suppliers stockpile product to carry over from one season to the next.   Check with the supplier that the Product Information Sheet you have applies to the product you are enquiring about.

Accredited Suppliers of Limestone, Limesand and Dolomite

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